Monday, February 11, 2008

The Pedro Martinez Cockfight Video - Announcer Play by Play

WARNING: If you don't want to see cockfighting, don't watch this video. Otherwise, sit back and enjoy the show.

There's only one place where this cockfight could have happened. Someplace warm...a place where the beer flows like beautiful women instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano...I'm talking about a little place called Aspen the Cockfighting Coliseum of Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic's largest cockfighting venue)!! What you're about to read is a full play by play of the match, where you'll learn about Soltadores (special bird releasers), ¿Porque Pedro esta muy contento? (why Pedro's so happy?), and that in cockfighting, experiencia se impuso (experience triumphs). It's tough to beat Juan's cock.

The Cockfight Play by Play (English)
A stellar fight and two stars will be doing the releasing of the birds. Here is Don Juan Marichal who will be releasing Jose Vargas’ bird. The two renowned greats of Major League Baseball in their respective eras hugged each other. And Pedro will be releasing-- Pedro Martinez is very happy with this activity--and will be releasing “Cana Raza’s” bird.

Well gentlemen, here are the releasers of the birds, very special releasers, very distinguished ones, here is Don Juan, Don Juan Marichal. The photo is for the tribute and for the memories. This is a historic fight; I don’t believe that we have ever had two pitchers of this caliber such as Don Juan Marichal who is already in Cooperstown and Pedro Martinez who is well on his way to Cooperstown as well.

All are ready for the fight, the white ribboned bird of Juan Marichal and the blue ribboned bird of Pedro Martinez. Here they are attacking, the white ribboned bird of Don Juan and the blue ribboned bird of Pedro Martinez. Again the white ribboned bird of Don Juan Marichal followed as a courtesy of Ramoncito Victorial whose bird wears the blue ribbon and Jose Vargas who gave his bird--the white ribboned one--to Don Juan Marichal. Here continues the attack from the blue ribboned bird, and again the blue ribboned bird. Here is the white ribboned bird of Marichal and Jose Vargas.

Here Pedro Martinez and Ramoncito Victorial’s bird has fallen. Please pay attention friends.

Juan is consoling his friend Pedro Martinez who together with Jose Vargas, the breeder of the bird that Don Juan Marichal released. Well that’s all folks. Juan Marichal is the victor, experience has triumphed!!! That is all for this fight. This is a fight to remember. It had to have happened in the Cockfighting Coliseum of Santo Domingo. Here is the replay when Pedro Martinez and Ramoncito Victorial’s bird falls down. That’s all folks and we continue.

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The Cockfight Play by Play (EspaƱol)

Una pelea estelar y que van a soltar dos estelares. Ahi esta Don Juan Marichal que va a soltar el ejemplar de Jose Vargas. Ahi se abrazan esas dos glorias del beisbol de grandes ligas en sus respectivas epocas. Y Pedro va a soltar, Pedro Martinez esta muyyyy contento con esta actividad, va a soltar el ejemplar de “Cana Raza”.

Bueno ahi esta senores, los soltadores, soltadores muy especiales, muy distinguidos. Ahi esta Don Juan, Don Juan Marichal. La foto para el tributo y para recuerdo. Esta es una pelea historica, donde creo que no se habia visto nunca dos lanzadores de esta categoria como Don Juan Marichal que ya esta en Cooperstown y Pedro Martinez que va en camino de Cooperstown tambien.

Todos han salido para la pelea, el cinta blanca de Juan Marichal y el cinta azul de Pedro Martinez. Ahi esta tirando el cinta blanca de Don Juan y el cinta azul de Pedro Martinez. De nuevo el cinta blanca de Don Juan Marichal seguidos por la cortesia de Ramoncito Victorial que lleva la cinta azul y Jose Vargas que cedio su ejemplar, el cinta blanca para Don Juan Marichal. Ahi sigue atacando el cinta azul, lo hace de nuevo el cinta azul. Ahi esta el cinta blanca de Marichal y Jose Vargas.

Aqui ha caido el ejemplar de Pedro Martinez y Ramoncito Victorial. Pongan atencion amigos.

Juan esta consolando a su amigo Pedro Martinez junto con Jose Vargas, el criador del ejemplar que solto Don Juan Marichal. Bueno, ha sido todo en esta pelea senores. Se impone Juan Marichal, experiencia se impuso. Ya ha sido todo aqui en esta pelea. Esto es una pelea para recordar!!! Tenia que ser en el Coliseo Gallistico de Santo Domingo. Ahi esta le repeticion cuando cae el ejemplar de Pedro Martinez y de Ramoncito Victorial. Ha sido todo mis amigos y continuamos.

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Rickey Henderson said...

Rickey finds this to be in very poor taste!

Anonymous said...

did carlos beltran predict a win for juan's grand cock?

Anonymous said...

haha i have never seen that before. but it is so pointless it looks like they are just flapping there wings.